What do Dogs , Tennis and Golf have in Common?

I have never seen a  tennis or golf-playing dog, well not yet …. who knows with the present advances in tech and AI?!

So what do Dogs, Golf clubs, and Tennis rackets have in common?

They are items that we purchased with a dream and a goal ahead of us ….. There is a giddy excitement about what may happen, and how good we are going to do with this new dog/ club /racket.  Are we going to be a natural at this?

There is also a little fear and apprehension about once we let the world know what we have done. Some may think we are crazy.

First, we have to start setting boundaries with family and friends  .. be gentle, don’t touch that …. this thing, this racket, this club, this puppy is valued and precious to us.

Then the pressure.

“Show us what you can do?” Initially, everyone is supportive and excited about anything you can do, or tell them. Friends and family are keen to hear you are booked in for classes and reaffirm that practice is so important.  But then things change They generally change in 2 ways.

The first is everyone else is now an expert in all things tennis, golf, or dog. Friendly advice is given.  Even though you are the one going to classes and doing the practice. For some reason, everyone wants to help you get ahead. Ahead of what, we are not sure yet.

The second is that some people start losing interest and get annoyed that you are spending so much time on this new hobby.

Then comes the Big Decision … that affects the longevity of your love affair with your racket, dog, or club.

Do you join the club/ dog training course and find your tribe of fellow racket /club/ dog owners who love training?

Outings/ courses/workshops/private sessions/competitions are organised for you, so your practice has meaning.

Being part of something with other people, who have similar passions and so similar struggles. Being led by professionals.  Being mentored allows you to feel confident, and empowered and know you have got this.

What have you got …..

Great respect for your dog/racket/club, and the value in caring for it and ensuring its maintenance. You are nothing without it, the worse for neglecting it.

Admiration for those more skilled than you,

Fellowship … everyone is valued

Inspiration to  keep loving what you do

Gratitude that hard work pays off.

So in short  Yes .. Dogs have everything in common with being in love with your gold club or tennis racket, being part of something bigger. something you can’t control unless you work in sync xxxx


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We recognize that getting the best from your dog, is all about maintenance, particularly your relationship and respect for them, the game, Having coaches who are not only good at training in their own right but are up to date with the best practices, training techniques.

Our courses are designed to be fun for you and your dogs so that you both feel supported, confident and empowered  that you are playing well as a team

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