What do I do on the first night with my puppy?

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The introduction into your home for your new puppy is scary and uncertain. Too many new rooms, people, smells and noises with no reassurance from their brothers/sisters or mum.

Settling your puppy can be a struggle and distressing for all.

Some people choose to confine their puppy in a safe areas, such as a laundry or bathroom and let the puppy self settle. To help with this, make sure the room is warm with a soft bed and  an adequate toileting area. Some puppies will settle quickly. For others this set up is unsuccessful and barking can be the result.

Personally I recommend to crate or confine your dog inside and insight of the family, so they can hear and smell you , their new family, allowing them to feel more secure in their surroundings.


Create a feel good factor to the sleeping area

  • Have a radio playing to create a sense of company
  • Leave an item of clothing with your scent on it in the area
  • dogcrateLeave chew toys and enrichment toys for your dog to distract themselves with
  • Have a small cosy bed filled with other stuffed animals creating sleeping pals
  • A ticking clock can help some pups
  • Keep your pup up before bed time
  • Make sure they have been to the toilet
  • Feed your pup in this area
  • Never use this area as a punishment for your dog

For some pups this may not be enough

Napping-Pup-632x474Please talk to your vet about an pheromone collar or plugin diffuser. These are synthetic equivalents of the pheromones released from the pup’s mum which help with bonding and calming.

The above are only general guidelines which you may find helpful. We always recommend preparing in advance just like you would with a baby, it will make the process as stress free for everyone as possible. But because each puppy, each family and each household is different, Let’s Go Fido! has a specialist puppy setup service, where we come to your home and prepare you and your for the new addition, setting up for your puppy’s journey into a well-mannered and much loved member of the family.