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Let’s Go Fido! runs Dream Puppy Courses regularly throughout the year at Willoughby Vet Hospital. Willoughby Vets is located at 193 High St, Willoughby

This course starts before your puppy is fully vaccinated.Why? Because this is the critical time for us to deposit positive memories. You Puppies will be safe and healthy in this environment, mixing with other puppies of the same age and development. Our courses run for 4 weeks, 1 hour each week and costs $225

At this point when NSW hits the 70%  Fully vaccinated mark, our puppy classes will move to in-person for those fully vaccinated.

Classes will allow one vaccinated adult per pup to attend class. 

If your puppy is older than 14 weeks, please can we advise that you join our fabulous Adolescent Life skills program. Why? Your puppy will soon be vaccinated and out in the park. which will put the other younger puppies in class at risk. So please if your puppy is older than 14 weeks  check out our Adolescent Life Skills  Program

Click on the Upcoming courses are on the right of your desktop or at the bottom of your mobile page.

So, what do we do each week?

Week 1  Theory , Tech and introductions

  • How to socialise your pups for the future
  • What is Positive Reinforcement  Training
  • Problem solving
  • The process of teaching any skill
  • Body langauge101
  • Question time                                                                                                                        

Week 2

  • Enrichment , what is it
  • How to settle your pup
  • Socialisation  is most just people and pups
  • Mat training
  • Play time with you
  • Question time

Week 3

  • Can you stand still ?
  • Can you be calm whilst being touched?
  • Preparing you for a vist to the vet or groomer
  • Loving your harness
  • How to prevent guarding of food and toys
  • Question time

Week 4

  • Putting it all together
  • Managing your pups social life
  • Meeting their grooming and preventative health needs
  • Keeping up that socilisation
  • Starting Loose lead walking
  • Graduation
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